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Every student of the Master in HPC has to do a professional internship. This internship is a requirement to complete the master's program.


This professional internship is regulated by the following document (in Spanish).


There are several ways to complete the professional internship requirement:

  • The master will offer to students an official internship program with the participation of companies from Santiago and A Coruña. The procedure to be followed is.
  1. The master publishes the official internship program (check the dates below).
  2. Students apply for one or several internships that are of their interest.
  3. The companies can interview the candidates to make the final selection and the training plan is formalized.
  4. The internship takes place. During the internship, every 15 days the student sends to one of the coordinators of the master an activity report, following this template
  5. The student handles to the coordinator of the master a report describing its experience following this template. This document, together with a confidential report from the professional tutor, will be used to assess the student's work.
  • Another option is to validate previous professional experience in the HPC field (400 hours extended during at least 6 months). This procedure has to be followed when you enroll in the master. If you did not do it, please contact one of the coordinators of the master.
  • The student can also propose to make a professional internship in a specific company. The topic of professional internship has to be related to the HPC field. Before the internship starts, this company has to sign with the university in which the student is enrolled (whether UDC or USC) a special agreement. To explore this possibility, please contact directly one of the coordinators of the master.

Important dates

  • Publication of the company's offer: Week of January 29th 2024
  • Request by the students: From publication to February 11th 2024
  • Interviews with the companies: 13th-23th February 2024
  • Final assignation and formalization of the training plan: By March 8th 2024
  • Internship period (1st Opportunity): March 1th 2024 - May 17th 2023
  • Internship period (2nd Opportunity): By July 19th 2023