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Information for students of the Master in HPC

Welcome new students of the Master in HPC! This page will show you the essential information about the Master you are about to start.

Important dates

Classes are starting on September the 10th, 2018. That day we will be having a presentation day. On the 11th, we will be starting the classes oficially.

This publicly available google calendar contains the classes and exams scheduling. Other important dates related to the Master will be added in the future to this calendar.


The Master have two main locations in two different cities: A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela

  • In Santiago de Compostela, the address is:

Information and contact

Besides this wiki, the Master have other sources of information:

Academic sites and contact

During the course, we will be using two main tools:

  • The elearning platform of the Master aula.cesga.es where you will find the academic materials related to each course of the master
  • The masterhpc space in the slack platform masterhpc.slack.com where you will receive notifications, warning and will be able to contact directly to the academic staff of the master

(*) The access to both tools is not public. The access to the students will be granted before the classes start